Graduate Intern Programme

Hillcrest Early Years Academy

Ofsted rated outstanding in all four areas – October 2014

The Hillcrest Early Years Academy Graduate Intern Programme was founded in September 2013. The aim of the programme is to enable those with a degree to train alongside outstanding teachers in order to gain Qualified Teaching Status. The programme offers a brilliant opportunity for those who want to train and ‘learn on the job’ as well as receiving an income. The Governors of the Academy have pledged to provide the necessary financial support in order for the intern to gain QTS within two years as well as receive expert internal and external training.

How does the programme work?

The programme is set up to run for the duration of two years. The first year allows the intern to experience working with a range of year groups. Second year trainees are based in a specific year group where they have shown the most potential. Each trainee is assigned with a mentor, receiving intensive training and support from experienced teachers and mentors. Therefore, manageable and bite-sized feedback is received each week and makes learning easier and progression quicker. Second year interns also spend a six week placement in a local affiliated primary school. This enables trainees to focus on specifics of behaviours, planning, teaching, assessing and professionalism while teaching a different age phase.

If recommended, the Academies governors will pay for a local provider to conduct an Assessment Only Route. Graduate Interns are then assessed on the evidence they have collected over the two years of teaching, which will result in them gaining Qualified Teaching Status.

Why train at Hillcrest Early Years Academy?

Hillcrest Early Years Academy provides a vibrant and reassuring environment which supports the development of skills in order to teach. Dedicated and highly experienced teachers are eager to share the practice Ofsted rated as outstanding to the next generation of teachers. The Principal and Governors of Hillcrest Early Years Academy are committed to continue the professional development of its staff, in which they see the initial training of teachers as the first step of the journey towards the Academies ethos of ‘Aim High and Achieve’.