School Meals

 Hot Meals

Our meals are provided by 'Innovate 4 Little People' and are transported into the Academy on a daily basis. There are various meal options available; a meat and veg option, vegetarian option, jacket potato option and a sandwich roll option, of which all include the two different desert options. All meals are ordered through the online ordering system via 'Innovate 4 Little People'.

To order the meals in advance, you will need to log on to the website link below and select a meal for each day. If you struggle with the link, or require further help, please ask in the office.

Please ensure you have booked your child's meals by a Friday midday for the following week. You can also book your meals in advance for the full term.

Please be aware that as of September 2016, Innovate will no longer be providing a packed lunch option, however there will be a jacket potato option and vegetarian option still.


Sandwiches & Packed Lunches

Children who bring in packed lunches will join all of the children in the main hall who are having a hot lunch. Please ensure your child’s food is secure and in an un-breakable container clearly marked with their name. If you wish to send a drink please also ensure this is not fizzy and is in a sealed container. Please check your child has the right cutlery if necessary ie Spoon.

Please remember we are a healthy academy and as such encourage all children to have a healthy packed lunch. If we are concerned at all regarding your child’s lunch we may contact you to talk about what makes a healthy and balanced lunch.


Please note children should not bring sweets or chocolate bars as part of their lunch.


The Government are now providing every child in Reception, Year One and Year Two a free school hot meal every day regardless of parental income and status.

Snacks and Milk

All children have the option to have a snack in the mornings. We use an external company to provide this snack who ensure they are in line with the NHS change for life scheme and government recommendations. All children are encouraged to eat this snack and to try new foods.

The children will be given the option of one of the following each day:






Sugar Snap Pea's




Sweet Bite Peppers

The children are also given a 200ml glass of milk each day. Under 5's will receive full fat milk and over 5's receive semi-skimmed.