Non-Teaching Staff

Miss Andrews


I’ve been a student at Hillcrest and worked at Hillcrest for 9 years previously. The children are an inspiration.

Mrs Grundy


I started as a parent helper and am now a level 3 teaching assistant. I enjoy my job because every day is different.

Mrs Dennett


Miss Allwood-Panter


I have been a TA for 12 years. I sent my children to this school so when a job opportunity arose I jumped at the chance. I love helping the children succeed, they make each day fun and exciting.

Mrs Skipper

Year 1

Miss Wells

Year 1

I started working at Hillcrest in 2008, before this I volunteered here for 2 years. I have worked in all areas of the academy and really enjoyed it all. I love being here as we are like one big family.

Miss Pridgeon

Additional needs support

I started as a volunteer over 24 years ago. I am now a dinner lady and TA. I enjoy working with the children, they always make me smile.

Mrs Jupp

Year 2

I am now in my 11th year at Hillcrest. The children always make me laugh with their interesting stories.

Mrs Wain

Year 2

I have worked at Hillcrest since November 2005, though volunteered for a few years before. I love my job, it’s so rewarding, the things the children say and do are priceless and often hilarious.

Mrs Marriott

SEN Support