School Accessibility

At Hillcrest Early Years Academy we strive to ensure that every child has access to an outstanding Education.

Our school is completely wheelchair accessible – with ramps at the staff entrance, nursery/reception entrance and KS1 entrance.

We have disabled parking spaces within our car park.

We have staff in situ with Hearing and Sight loss experience.

Our SENCO is extremely knowledgeable – please see the SEN Page here.

We have a dedicated Speech and Language Teaching Assistant.

We have a smaller mixed Year 1/2 class to help with those children who need additional help within school to reach their potential.

We have 2 disabled toilets within the school with room to change a child if necessary.

We even have a spare wheelchair within school in case any children have a short term mobility issue.

If you have any questions as to how we can meet your child’s needs, please make an appointment with a member of our Senior Management who will be pleased to meet with you and show you our facilities, and devise a plan to meet your child’s access needs.