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The ethos of an Academy can be defined as the core values which are fundamental to everything it does as a learning community. These values should both permeate the day-to-day operation and set the context for future planning and strategy.


At Hillcrest Early Years Academy, we have a well-established ethos of which we are very proud where pupils are at the centre of everything we do. It has ensured that generations of young pupils have enjoyed a highly positive and successful educational experience and will continue to ensure that our current and future pupils can be encouraged to achieve their very best.


Our core values underpin everything we do at Hillcrest and we believe in them passionately:-


  1. We value everyone equally regardless of ability or background
  2. Good relationships are at the heart of all we do
  3. We ensure that excellent teaching and learning is at our core
  4. We set high expectations of both pupils and staff in a supportive and caring atmosphere
  5. We promote self-reliance, independence and personal development
  6. We focus on hard work, achievement and excellence and reward those who achieve
  7. We monitor to ensure continuous improvement


This ethos translates into some distinctive features. Our expectations of our pupils behaviour are high because we place our trust in them to behave well and look after each other. They usually respond well and we achieve a calm, orderly environment where learning is the prime focus and curiosity, awe and wonder are ignited.  


Our last Ofsted inspection praised our ethos for the way in which our pupils behaved in an outstanding manner and the excellent example our staff and governors set for our pupils. It said “Children get off to an excellent start in the early years. Staff ensure children have a thorough understanding of how to learn. A high expectation of behaviour, presentation and listening ensures that children have the basic tools to continue learning at a rapid pace in Years 1 and 2 “.


The 2014 outstanding report also states “The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils arrive promptly each day and say that they always enjoy learning. They are invariably polite, well-mannered and impeccably behaved, whether in classrooms with class teachers, or around the academy during breaks and lunchtimes. During lessons, pupils’ attitudes to their learning are exceptional, resulting in learning that moves at a rapid pace. Pupils often keep each other on task and regularly discuss their learning with each other.


Our Academy provides an oasis of quality and support in our pupil’s early development.