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Student Parliament

At the start of every year, children from each class in the Academy have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be members of the Student Parliament.


They tell their friends why they would be a good representative for their class whether it is because: they are kind; they are good listeners; they have lots of good ideas and many other reasons that prove they are up to the task.


Once elected, our job to make our Academy a better place for everyone begins.


The Student Parliament Roles


The Speaker


The Speaker is in charge of every Parliament meeting. There are four main jobs:


  1. Make sure the meeting starts and ends on time
  2. Make sure everyone sticks to the rules
  3. Make sure everyone gets a chance to speak
  4. Make sure we end the meeting with a clear plan of what to do next


Deputy Speaker


The Deputy Speaker supports the Speaker and is in charge of any meetings if they are away.




The Clerk is responsible for checking everyone attends our meetings and is doing their job for the children who voted for them. Along with this, they record minutes for what is said and decided in each meeting.




All other KS1 members of the Student Parliament choose an area they think is important and are often called upon to help make decisions around the Academy if it affects their chosen focus.


Minister for Sport

Minister for Culture

Minister for Outdoors

Minister for Communication

Minister for Learning


Mini Ministers


As well as bringing the voice and opinions of the Early Years classes to the Parliament meetings, those elected from Reception classes are given additional responsibilities in helping the other Ministers preform their roles.


Much of what we achieve in our Parliament is possible because of the hard work these children do and assisting their older peers in their roles puts them in a perfect position to stand for election when they enter Year 1.