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A huge well done to the children who have attended the pointillism Art Club this term.

The children studied the work of Georges Seurat and replicated his artistic process to create some pointillism artwork of their own.

The children collectively recreated The Beatles Sgt Pepper album artwork using various characters from TV, books and film.

I think they have done a fabulous job and have demonstrated perseverance and determination to achieve their goals.


Ukulele Club

Following our visit from the Access Students, many of our pupils felt inspired to learn an instrument. Children from Year 2 attended a ukulele club every Friday lunchtime to learn to play the instrument and have even performed in front of an audience! Watch this space for further performance news...

Access Students

We were very lucky to have some talented musicians from Access in Lincoln to perform for us on February 19th. Our pupils enjoyed their performance of rock and pop songs and were able to discuss their favourite instruments and songs.

In the afternoon, our KS1 pupils took part in a workshop with the students to create and perform a colaborative piece of music. 

Pop Art Gallery

Our Hillcrest Art Gallery has been updated to display the fabulous artwork which has been created by the children who attended our Art Club. 

Art Club

 This term has seen the launch of our Art Club at Hillcrest. Pupils from Year 2 have been attending weekly after school sessions to learn new skills and to explore differing art forms. Our main focus has been Pop Art and the artwork of Andy Warhol. We looked at Warhol's famous 'Campbell's Soup' artwork and discussed his use of vivid colours, repetition and everyday objects. 

Our pupils were set the challenge of modernising Warhol's art and as a group, they selected the popular drink 'Prime' to base their art upon. The children traced the outline of a bottle before adding further detail before photocopying their sketch to create multiple copies of their work. The children selected differing colours for each of their designs before colouring, cutting and sticking their artwork onto brightly coloured backing paper.

Pete Mckee - Cartoon Art

Autumn 2's art competition has focused on the work of Sheffield based artists Pete Mckee. The pupils explored Pete's creative process and created cartoon versions of famous people including Rishi Sunak, Julia Donaldson, Marcus Rashford and even Pete Mckee himself. 

Rap Club

Children from Key Stage 1 took part in an extra curricular Rap Club to develop their skills of listening and appreciation, composition, rapping and performance as an ensemble. 

Strizzy Strauss

We were lucky enough to host a live performance from Leicester based rapper Strizzy Strauss in assembly. Strizzy performed his music for our pupils and even took the time to answer some of our questions. 

Andy Goldsworthy Land Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Daniel from Year 2 who won this terms art competition with his Andy Goldsworthy inspired piece of land art! 


Every child who entered the competition received a certificate presented to them by Mrs Debbie Mitchell in a special celebration assembly and the top 3 entries received a prize of art materials to further their love of all things art.

Andy Goldsworthy - Land Art

Autumn 1's art competition is focusing on the Land Art of Andy Goldsworthy. After studying Andy's art, the children explored the great outdoors to create a piece of art using natural materials and taking a photograph of their creation. 


Several of the pieces are being exhibited in our very own Hillcrest Art Gallery!

Autumn 1 - Art Competition

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