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Tiny Trustees

Tiny Trustees


At Hillcrest Early Years Academy, we see pupil voice as being a key role for children's personal development. Our group of Tiny Trustees help to do just that! They work alongside our Trustees to help monitor different areas across the Academy and make links with our local community. The role of our Tiny Trustees is linked very closely with our British Values - please see below more details about the role of a Trustee. Mr Carlisle and Miss Jones lead our team of Tiny Trustees alongside our Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mrs D Mitchell. 


Individual Liberty 

Our Tiny Trustees help to ensure that all children have a voice within our academy. We have weekly meetings to share views and make choices and decisions which benefit our Academy Community. 


The Rule of Law

Our Tiny Trustees are role models across the Academy and help promote why rules are so important. We help to think of rules which will make our Academy a better place for us all to learn. 



Our Tiny Trustees know that they have a right to an opinion and also listen to the opinion of others. These are fed into the weekly meetings. To be appointed, our Academy made the decision to vote for the team of Tiny Trustees so that it was a fair process. 



Our Tiny Trustees listen to everyone and respect those who have a different opinion to them. They work with different classes to lead assemblies and also with the wider local community to develop our understanding of diversity.


Mutual Respect 


In their role as Tiny Trustees, the children are respectful to others and are positive role models for the Academy. They work together with teachers, Trustees and their friends to make or Academy the very best it can be.