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In the sections below you will find the policies in relation to key areas.


Heapham Road, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire






Our Academy is a happy community, where everyone has a part to play in making it a successful place. We work together as a team and all follow agreed aims and plans. This document highlights the main points of our aims, values and plans that we all share. We believe that if we carry these out then our Academy will achieve it’s goals.


The following general principles apply to all aspects of our academy policies and curriculum:-


  • There will be equality of access to all pupils.
  • Continuity and progression will be an intrinsic element.
  • Appropriate provision for pupils with disabilities will be made.
  • Differentiation appropriate to pupils’ needs will be catered for. In particular, careful consideration will be given to planning programmes of work for pupils with Special Educational Needs and to provide work which challenges/extends the creativity of very able children.
  • The time devoted to each subject will be in accordance with DfES guidance.



Monitoring and Evaluation

As these policy statements cover the whole of the curriculum and management polices, the monitoring evaluation and review will take place at various times of the year and cover one policy statement at a time. Evidence will be gathered by both teaching staff and the Board of Trustees and the statements will be reviewed to see if they still are being carried out and offer true reflection of the academy’s work.


We consider that monitoring and evaluating the academy’s work on a regular basis is important and it contributes to the process of academy improvement. All aspects of pupils’ progress, teaching quality and curriculum delivery will be focused on as well as academy leadership and management by the Headteacher and Board of Trustees.