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In the sections below you will find the policies in relation to key areas.


Heapham Road, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire




Our Academy is a happy community, where everyone has a part to play in making it a successful place. We work together as a team and all follow agreed aims and plans. This document highlights the main points of our aims, values and plans that we all share. We believe that if we carry these out then our Academy will achieve it’s goals.


Statements and Objectives

The main aim of our academy curriculum is to foster the whole development  of the children in our care by encouraging the acquisition of appropriate attitudes, concepts, skills and knowledge.


We recognise that the whole development of the child includes the areas of cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills.


Coverage of the National Curriculum Programmes of study, the associated cross-curricular themes and religious education is essential. These areas are summarised in the frameworks planned by the teaching staff and these provide a starting point for teaching coverage. However, even after all the statutory areas to be taught are covered, we recognise that these do not constitute the whole of our curriculum.


The following general principles apply to all aspects of our academy policies and curriculum:-


  • There will be equality of access to all pupils.
  • Continuity and progression will be an intrinsic element.
  • Appropriate provision for pupils with disabilities will be made.
  • Differentiation appropriate to pupils’ needs will be catered for. In particular, careful consideration will be given to planning programmes of work for pupils with Special Educational Needs and to provide work which challenges/extends the creativity of very able children.
  • The time devoted to each subject will be in accordance with DfES guidance.


The Nursery forms an important part of our Academy. It follows the Foundation Stage curriculum. The Nursery staff work closely with all the teaching staff to ensure that everyone understands the role of the Nursery within our academy and that curriculum plans show continuity and progression.


The education of the four year olds will be primarily concerned within the framework covering the Early Learning Goals but the teachers concerned will  be aware of the national curriculum demands and teach according to individual need and age.


Responsibility for subjects taught, including some financial responsibility will be delegated to curriculum co-ordinators.


It is considered that the starting point in all subject areas for each child is what they can do- not what they can not do.


Every child will have access to all aspects of ICT and this is considered a vital part of every child’s learning.


Pupils are encouraged to be increasingly independent both in the learning situation ,this being reflected in classroom practice – and more generally as individuals in our academy.


The idea of learning will be promoted as exciting and personally fulfilling so that pupils carry a positive attitude to education. The pupils will be taught and learn through an appropriate blend of individual work, group participation and teacher directed work.


It is considered that pupils learn best from planned, purposeful first hand experience and they will work some of the time this way as appropriate.


The Academy environment we consider should be interesting and promote the ethos of quality and high standards so that pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential and produce work of this nature themselves.


Pupil’s work will be well displayed in order to foster a sense of pride in their own work, and so that they come to value the work of others.


Pupils will be taught to be considerate, responsible and caring with regard to other members of the academy and local community and to school property.


To help foster pupils’ good progress and behaviour, a range of incentives and sanctions will be used as appropriate.


Parents are regarded as partners in the pupil’s education and will be invited to help the academy in it’s work. Parent will be given regular updates on their child’s progress.

The security, supervision, moral and spiritual welfare and the general pastoral care of it’s pupils is regarded as being of the utmost importance.


All teachers maintain a positive attitude to their own professional development and curriculum review, the latter being carried out on a whole academy basis.


Assessment and record keeping is considered to be of value for both formative and summative purposes and to inform the reports on pupils’ progress made to parents and other with a legitimate interest.


Monitoring and Evaluation

As these policy statements cover the whole of the curriculum and management polices, the monitoring evaluation and review will take place at various times of the year and cover one policy statement at a time. Evidence will be gathered by both teaching staff and the Governing body and the statements will be reviewed to see if they still are being carried out and offer true reflection of the academy’s work.


We consider that monitoring and evaluating the academy’s work on a regular basis is important and it contributes to the process of academy improvement. All aspects of pupils’ progress, teaching quality and curriculum delivery will be focused on as well as academy leadership and management by the Principal and Trust body.


This policy was agreed by all staff and the Trust body. It will be reviewed by all staff and trustees on a regular basis.